About Chiapas

Chiapas International is a non-profit organization that provides funds binomo login pc to help break the cycle of poverty in Latin America. These loans provide seed capital to women to start self-sustaining businesses in their local communities. Chiapas International has helped more than 47,000 women and their families take the first step out of poverty.

Chiapas International, formerly known as The Chiapas Project, was founded in 2003 by Dallas real estate developer Lucy Billingsley, and is led by corporate and civic leaders. The organization http://binomo-co.in has raised over $4 million since its inception.

Quick Facts

  • Microfinance institutions supported by Grameen and Chiapas International have a repayment rate of 97-98%.

  • Chiapas International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax- deductible.

  • Chiapas International has provided over 47,000 loans to women to help them and their families take the first step out of poverty.

  • Chiapas International achieved a $3.3 million fund raising goal in support of Grameen Foundation’s larger $9.9 million campaign to fund microfinancing programs throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This initiative added 186,000 new borrowers to the microfinance program and moved 93,000 families out of poverty by the end of 2008.
Contact Chiapas International

P.O. Box 9053, Dallas, Texas 75209

Our Goals

  • To raise $2 million by 2012 to start new businesses in Latin America.

  • In addition to providing loan capital binomo-co.in, a deeper focus has been placed on literacy, health services, and life essentials for clients within existing microfinance institutions.